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በወጣት ተመስገን ላይ እየተፈጸመ ያለው በደል የኢህአዴግ የግፍ አስተዳደር መገለጫ ነው ሲል መድረክ አስታወቀ

በወጣት ተመስገን ላይ እየተፈጸመ ያለው በደል የኢህአዴግ የግፍ አስተዳደር መገለጫ ነው ሲል መድረክ አስታወቀ Advertisements

Rally to demand President Obama cancel the planned visit to Ethiopia

President Obama, your plan to shake hands and dine with the Ethiopian dictators/TPLF rules confirms that you only support democracy in words, not in your actions. Many local and international institutions including your own government’s state department report confirm that Ethiopia is one of the worst countries when it comes to human rights. The TPLF … Continue reading

From One-Party State to Democracy: Lessons for Ethiopia

By Daniel Teferra (PhD) June 29, 2015 In 1991, the TPLF/EPRDF, a Marxist-Leninist rebel group, took state power in Ethiopia, sanctioned by the United States of America. But taking state power militarily violates the fundamental principle of democracy, representation and playing by fair rules. Ethiopia is not a democracy yet. It is a one-party state. … Continue reading

Assassination of Tadesse Abraha

Tadesse Abraha By W. Teka

Fair and Free Election Checklists: Judging Ethiopia general election

Fair and Free  Election  Checklists (Source:  Judging Ethiopia  general  election using this list Did established and reputable national and/or international election monitoring organizations judge the most recent elections for head of government to be free and fair? Is the registration of voters and candidates conducted in an accurate, timely, transparent, and nondiscriminatory manner? Can … Continue reading

Under fire for visiting Ethiopia, Obama will host Nigeria’s new president next month-The Washington Post

By Juliet Eilperin President Obama will host Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari July 20 at the White House, officials announced Thursday, just days before Obama will journey to both Kenya and Ethiopia. The announcement comes as Obama has come under sharp criticism for his decision to visit Ethiopia, a nation whose ruling party has engaged in a … Continue reading

Top 10 best and worst governments in the world | June 24th, 2015 The following list of Top 10 Best and Worst Governments in the World is prepared by Ethiopian Review Research Center: Top 10 Best Governments Finland – Has the least corrupt and the best functioning government with the #1 ranking education system in the world. Switzerland – The people of Switzerland … Continue reading

Ethiopian Lemn Sissay Announced As Next University of Manchester Chancellor

Writer and broadcaster Lemn Sissay MBE has been elected as the next Chancellor of The University of Manchester. The 150,000 electorate – comprising University staff, registered alumni and members of the General Assembly – chose the award-winning poet from a shortlist of three nominees, which also included Hallé Music Director Sir Mark Elder and former … Continue reading

The Impasse of Fear in Ethiopia and the Necessity of Comprehensive Struggle

By  Prof. Messay Kebede June 24, 2015 The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. – RooseveltAn ounce of action is worth more than tons of preaching – Mahatma Gandhi The consensus is that dictatorial regimes stay in power mostly by fear rather than by their effective might. Caught in their fear, people … Continue reading

Dispatches: Alarm Bells for Ethiopia’s 100% Election Victory

By Felix Horne June 24, 2015 Elections where a ruling party wins 100 percent of the seats in parliament should always ring alarm bells. Results in Ethiopia from the May 24 general election, released yesterday, are no exception. According to Ethiopia’s National Electoral Board, the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) coalition won 546 … Continue reading

UK Minister is not happy about Ethiopian election result and expresses concern over Ethiopian elections Result

UK Minister for Africa James Duddridge calls on Ethiopian government to increase diversity in parliament and ensure the voices of all citizens are heard. As the ruling EPRDF in Ethiopia claimed a 100% historic election victory, Britain’s Minister for Africa, James Duddridge, calls on the government in Ethiopia “to increase diversity in parliament and ensure … Continue reading

National Agenda for Unity, Democracy and Freedom in Ethiopia

By Masresha Tilahun June 23, 2015 If I ask you why the TPLF is still in power for the last 25 years, most of you will definitely agree on ONE main reason. That reason is lack of a national agenda of unity, freedom and democracy for Ethiopia. If I ask why this important national agenda … Continue reading

Ethiopia’s ruling party kills oppostions and takes all parliamentary seats

Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front stripped opposition party of its one parliamentary seat and took all but 21 of seats in regional state councils Supporters of the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front at a pre-election rally. Photograph: Zacharias Abubeker/AFP/Getty Images Agence France-Presse in Addis Ababa Monday 22 June 2015 12.45 EDT Last modified on Monday … Continue reading

Ethiopia’s higher-eduction boom built on shoddy foundations and extremely poor quality

The Guardian: Ethiopia’s higher education infrastructure has mushroomed in the last 15 years. But the institutions suffer from half-written curriculums, unqualified – but party-loyal – lecturers, and shoddily built institutions. The rapid growth of Ethiopia’s higher education system has come at a cost, but it is moving forward all the same. Twenty years ago the … Continue reading

Destroying the community of Kazanchis: The Ugly Side of a Face-Lift

opinion By Tibebeselasie Tigabu and Mihret Aschalew The economic and wealth growth in Ethiopia over the last five or six years has been really strong, according to organizations like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). And because of that the country is hailed by pundits as an “African lion”. At the center … Continue reading

Ethiopia: Fear of Targeted Post-election Assassinations Haunt Opposition

Targeted assassination of four members of the opposition shows how agitated the post-election atmosphere has become in the ethnically divided nation of Ethiopia. By TesfaNews, THE targeted assassination of four members of the Ethiopian opposition party in less than two weeks before the official announcement of the rigged election results took a worrisome pattern in … Continue reading