Blue party candidate and figure Samuel Awoke short story

Born in eastern Gojam, Gende Woyin, Samuel Awoke earned diploma and Bachelor of Arts in law.  Samuel was a patriot Ethiopian, who was among the founding members of the Blue Party and used to struggle for freedom under the UDJ party and the CUD before that. In line with his profession as a freelance lawyer, Samuel joined the peaceful struggle at a very young age due to his earnest love for his country. Samuel was as an active political leader up until his unjust murder. He served his people with high efficiency and responsibility organizing the party members in east Gojam region ever since the establishment of the Blue Party.

Samuel3Samuel was a highly esteemed young gentleman in the region. In the recent national election he proved himself as a strong candidate representing his party. Reaching the farmers in the very remote areas of East Gojam, he used to organize them and also report violations of human rights and corrupt administrations in the area. Working as a columnist in the party’s newspaper called Negere Ethiopia he played a vital role passing information to the public.

On June 15, 2015 around 7:30pm Samuel, the executive member of the Blue Party, was inhumanly beaten to death by the security forces of the Woyane EPRDF government near his home in Debre Markos city. Our grief is so grave, bitter and unforgettable. He is the modern hero and symbol of freedom. And for our country Ethiopia, he shall be the present day pioneer freedom fighter hero just like Abune Petros and our other heroic forefathers. We pray that the almighty God comfort the families of Samuel Awoke. Even though he is not physically present with his freedom fighter comrades today, his deeds will remain as a living witness encouraging us to continue the journey to freedom.

Samuel never gave in to their corruptive deceits nor stopped from his struggle by their repetitive threats and beatings that they decided to kill him very savagely by cutting his face and his body to the point that it was hard to recognize him. It is not a first terrorist act by the EPRDF government. The Ethiopian people are well aware of such terrorist acts committed against numerous strong opposition political leaders. This tyrant, inhuman and racist government is committing psychological, social, economic, and religious crimes by arresting, beating and killing innocent people and especially opposition political party leaders and the free press community. The unjust killing of Samuel Aweke is crystal clear evidence as to how the government is filled with hatred and its abusive leadership reached its climax.

The brutal killing of Samuel was not enough for the EPRDF government that they also arrested other party leaders who attended his funeral.

Dear Ethiopian people,

This kind of atrocious transgression will not avert our bitter struggle for freedom rather our sorrow and regret will kindle our determination to continue the journey. All of us living in Ethiopia and overseas, who love our country and support this peaceful struggle, need to condemn this diabolic act. Today our hearts has been wounded by the death of Samuel however; we need to stand in unity so that the same brutality will not be executed on other Samuels. We need to struggle in unity and remove this tyrant government.

Victory for the people of Ethiopia!

May God rest Samuel’s noble soul in heaven!

– See more at: http://www.zehabesha.com/samuel-awokes-murder-will-not-stop-the-struggle-to-freedom-semawi-support-na/#sthash.pzPipzpq.dpuf



One thought on “Blue party candidate and figure Samuel Awoke short story

  1. Yes,I am sorry for this act of cruelity by the government,i even hate fighting leave alone killing some one,i am so sorry.


    Posted by Anonymous | June 18, 2015, 3:29 pm

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