Top 10 best and worst governments in the world

EthiopianReview.com | June 24th, 2015

The following list of Top 10 Best and Worst Governments in the World is prepared by Ethiopian Review Research Center:

Top 10 Best Governments

  1. Finland – Has the least corrupt and the best functioning government with the #1 ranking education system in the world.
  2. Switzerland – The people of Switzerland are among the most free in the world and the government is small, smart and efficient. It is a county that has come close to completely eliminating poverty in the country. The poverty line is a monthly income of $2,400 for a single person, and less than 8 percent of the Swiss population earn below that. Switzerland’s average gross monthly income is $4,400. Compare that to a country like Ethiopia where over close to 40% of the population lives on less than $1.25 per day.
  3. Norway – The people of Norway enjoy more freedom than most other countries. Norway is also the fourth richest country in the world after Qatar, Luxembourg, and Singapore.
  4. Denmark – The affluent and free people of Denmark are left alone by the small, efficient and corruption-free government.
  5. Israel – Surrounded by hostile countries that are bent on destroying it, for Israel to survive as a nation alone is a miracle. But not only Israel survives, it thrives because it has a highly intelligent, well-informed people that elect incredibly smart, selfless, and honest individuals who put their country’s interests ahead of their own. With a GDP of $39,000 per capita, Israel is the 24th richest country in the world. They have been able to achieve such high-level economic development without any natural resource such as oil.
  6. Japan – Japanese government is also one of the best-managed in the world that makes education a top priority.
  7. Canada – Among developed nations, Canada has one of the lowest tax rates, and yet provides all or most of the social services that the other countries provide to their people. The government is also less intrusive in the lives of its people than most countries in the world.
  8. Singapore – The city-state is the best managed country in the world. It ranks 8 in this list because its people enjoy less freedom (particularly the most important freedom of all — the right to free speech) than the other countries that rank higher. Singapore’s government provides the best education to its people and the income tax rate, 20 percent, is less than most of the other developed countries. Singapore’s international airport is a model of efficiency. It takes a foreign traveler less than 15 minutes to process his/her passport and pass through. Visa is not required for any one to travel to Singapore. It takes less than half a day to take out a license and start a business in Singapore. If Singapore enacts a bill of rights similar to those in the U.S. Constitution, it can rank #1 as the best run country in the world.
  9. South Korea – Has achieved an economic miracle in less than 50 years mainly because it has the 2nd best education system in the world. South Koreans also enjoy less tax burdens than most other developed countries, and the government is a genuine democracy. South Korea could have ranked higher than #9 in this list if it were not for its government’s and society’s pronounced racial bigotry.
  10. United States – It is sad to see that the U.S. government has totally mismanaged the country’s budget and allowed its infrastructure to deteriorate over the past 20 years. We still included the U.S. government in the top 10 list because the country’s federal system is working well, allowing most of the local and state governments to provide great services to their constituents. The U.S. continues to have the highest average salary in the world — $42,000 per year. If the U.S. government to become great again, the voters need to elect politicians that are determined to downsize it by more than half by eliminating or privatizing unnecessary bureaucracies such as the US Postal Service, IRS, HHS, HUD, NIH, DEA, to mention just a few.

Top 10 Worst Governments

  1. North Korea – No explanation is necessary.
  2. Ethiopia – The “government” is full of idiots that turned the country into a hell on earth for 99% of its people. The youth are fleeing the country in droves.
  3. Eritrea – The country is ruled by the whim of a psychopathic dictator, not by a civilized government.
  4. Yemen – A failed state
  5. Iraq – A failed state
  6. Syria – A failed state
  7. Uzbekistan – One of the most corrupt government in the world.
  8. Sudan – Run by an indicted genocidal dictator.
  9. Zimbabwe – Like North Korea, no explanation is necessary.
  10. Saudi Arabia – It is ruled by a “government” of savages that behead women for adultery and keeps 50 percent of its population — the women — in slavery.


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