The Ethiopian ruling party (TPLF) from dictatorship to top thugtatorship with 100% victory using a fake election

By First Ethiopia

The Ethiopian ruling party (TPLF) from dictatorship to top thugtatorship with 100% victory using a fake election
TPLF (Tigrian People’s Liberation Front) with its dictatorial rule puts Ethiopia in a dangerous situation. The internal social-economic and religious inter-relationship is in turmoil. Human rights violations, ethnic conflicts and political prisoners have been ever growing since the current government’s grasp to power. The current government in Ethiopia has been in power for a total of almost 24 years, and it is based on a single ethnic minority group from the north part of Ethiopia, Tigray. From the very beginning, TPLF has utterly been undemocratic by its nature. TPLF put a constitutional scheme in place that would permanently and irreversibly destroy the social network of tolerance, harmony and understanding that has kept them united as a people. In the first place, TPLF has never had an ambition or dream to rule Ethiopia as Mr. Gebremedhin Araya explained it so many times. The government has made sure to control all sectors of the country with its own ethnic group. The military, religious, and economic sectors have always and still continue to revolve around the Tigray ethnic group. Of course, it does not mean The Tigray people are benefited from this government.

The ruling government has been using the divide-conquer strategy to stay in power forever. It has pitted several ethnic groups against each other and particularly the major ethnic groups, the Amhara and Oromo. The major ethnic groups feel they’ve been deprived of their legitimate participation in governance because of the Tigrayan dominance of the political and economic aspects of the country. The aim of the action of TPLF that divided the country into language based regions is to destroy Ethiopia. When people are divided into various pockets of linguistic and cultural entities, it is likely that they get into discord and conflicts. There have been several genocides, massacres, and ethnic cleansing that have taken place throughout the country, and not one individual has been held accountable for all those killings and massacres. No one is safe in Ethiopia, except members of the ruling party.  TPLF cracked down on civil society organizations and journalists.

Religious tension within the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhado is another factor where the Tigray government has practically cleared all other ethnic groups and put its own ethnic groups in control of all Church matters creating two Church leaderships. TPLF has also split Muslim community by illegal appointing its own Muslim leaders as opposed to those chosen by the community. The western policy and particularly that of the U.S has been complete deliberate ignorance to promote its Al-Shabab interests. The U.S has not done anything other than give lip service to the Ethiopian people.

Political parties are not allowed to exist unless they serve and support the ruling party interests. Private and independent Medias are not allowed to function, and those that do are intimidated and abused on a regular basis to point where they are exiled. The ruling party systematic use of extrajudicial killing, torture, rape and any form of abuse amount to crimes against humanity. Several hundred Journalists have been exiled and many more have been put in prison to serve decade long sentences that were based on tramped up bogus charges. There is no right to free speech, and the only radio, television, music and news providers that are deemed legal are those operated by the government. The government uses a program of imprisonment, forced disappearance, surveillance and censorship. Human rights violations are widespread throughout the country, and things have become worst since the 2005 general election. In 2005 general election, the ruling party killed more than 1000 people (although the government decreased the number to 200 people) since the opposition party won the election and the ruling party took the vote by force which was strongly opposed by all Ethiopians.  The violence against democracy activists, such as the police crackdown that killed many people after the country’s rigged 2005 elections, is a deliberate and longstanding policy. Political killings, torture, and abductions by government security forces and their allies before, during and after election are very common in Ethiopia. These human rights violations, torture, and political prisoners have increased in the 2010 general election and the 2015 general election.

In the 2015 general election, the ruling TPLF/EPRDF party officially announced that the government and its allies (political organizations created by EPRDF) won a landslide victory in the country’s parliamentary elections. This 100 % victory clearly showed the election was fake with so many problems. In the announcement, the ruling party proudly declared itself, not just the winner, but that it was also more victorious than ever before by taking all seats in both the federal and regional parliaments with its allies. In the months and weeks leading to the elections, under very restrictive conditions, and in some places even where detentions were common, campaigns by the opposition parties were very intense, and the public response in support of the parties was far beyond expectations. As has been the case during the previous elections, hundreds of opposition party candidates, and observers were hunted down and detained at different places prior to the polling day under the pretext that they created obstacles to the process of election or were suspected of being members of political organizations labeled terrorists by the EPRDF government. The ruling TPLF/EPRDF Party stole most of the votes and, by so doing, systematically eliminated all opposition parties from the political game, leaving both the regional and federal parliaments without any alternative voices and differing political opinions. It is so worrisome that the country is under a one-party monopoly of everything – political, economic, and social.

While the local observers were silenced by various types of harassment and intimidation, foreign and international independent observers such as the European Union and various human rights agencies chose to stay away knowing that, based on experiences from the past elections, their presence would make no difference except giving legitimacy to such a fake election. The decision taken by international observers not to participate in such a fake election could be described as a step in the right direction, a sign of rejection and refusal which showed that preconditions the government of Ethiopia followed for the election was wrong. However, a lot more needs to be done to bring about positive political changes in Ethiopia.

TPLF has become the top thugtatorship, the highest stage of African dictatorship; as professor   Alemayehu G. Mariam described it: “If democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people, a thugocracy is a government of thieves, for thieves, by thieves. Simply stated, a thugtatorship is rule by a gang of thieves and robbers (thugs) in designer suits. It is becoming crystal clear that much of Africa today is a thugocracy privately managed and operated for the exclusive benefit of bloodthirsty thugtators.” With its 100% victory with the fake election, TPLF continues to be the top thugtatorship, which does not have any space for democracy and human rights. Ethiopia is at a crossroad and the future of the country is ever looking bleak. The tension and conflict within Ethiopia have reached a boiling point where a simple spark could instigate chaos. Conflict and tension revolving around ethnicity, religion and politics are very high. This is because the TPLF agenda since its inception has made sure to destroy the very fabric of Ethiopian society which was based on religious and ethnic tolerance and understanding. Clearly, the Ethiopian ruling party (TPLF) is making a smooth transformation from dictatorship to top thugtatorship with 100% victory using a fake election.

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