TPLF and its ethnic policy

By Atalel Sahalu

September 30, 2015

The minority junta, TPLF, leading Ethiopia into a complete darkness stage by dividing the nation due ethnicity and religious affiliation. They came into power with a policy of ethnic cleansing and apartheid and practiced it especially in Amhara ethnic group by violating the constitution in which they wrote. The tragedy of TPLF is; theoretically it rules as Ethiopian (EPRDF), however, the truth is that it is working only for the advantage of Tigrians. Other ethnic groups, particularly the Amhara and Oromo, are ex termly damaged by TPLF in many different ways: Torturing and human right abuses are common. The Tigryians are used by the regime as an agent for committing crimes against their people and country for purposely isolating them from other Ethiopians. It is what they call two birds in one rock.

For the TPLF/EPRDF ethnic cleansing and marginalization is a singular political challenge it faces today; and will face in the years ahead. Ethnic elites who have made it rich for themselves do not view anything wrong with the current system for numerous self-serving reasons. Among these is rent-seeking. In a country that is well known for bribery, nepotism and corruption, the motive of using local and regional autonomy and authority to amass wealth at the cost of the vast majority is pervasive and systemic. Ethnic cleansing is advocated by demeaning, accusing and excluding others based on their religion and ethnicity. No one is held accountable. As far as the TPLF higher officials are benefited politically and economically, the local level ethnic cleansing is not criminal for them.

The ethnic cleansing is focused on Amharas where they are killed, displaced forcefully and isolated from social and economic benefits. The recent forceful eviction of members of the Amhara people from Gambela and Benishangul-Gumuz area is indeed a direct implementation of the TPLF/EPRDF’s ethnic policy. Additionally the death of Samuel Awoke, who is a member of Semayawi party, is related to his political ideology and belonging to amhara ethnic group. According to his colleges and friends witness Samuel is intellectual, dedicated to his profession (Lawyer) and used to serve the farmers in Eastern Gojam zone for free as a lawyer. However the TPLF security members has condemned the Zone Justice bureau for not stopping Samuel Awoke from being a lawyer for the defenseless farmers in Easter Gojam zone who don’t support the TPLF policy on land.

Inline image 1

Samuel  Awoke

He was murdered for serving his society and not being willing to withdrew his candidacy for election as a member of Semayawi (Blue) Party in Debre Markos, the zone  where I came from.,

The solution to  avert imminent danger in Ethiopia is still in the ruling party’s hand. All what is required is a certifiable will to sort out a national compromise handle that incorporates all partners to locate a shared conviction and organize to hold a free and reasonable decision. This is the perfect option to resolve the complicated issue that our nation  is facing. However, assuming that those administration chooses will keep the status quo, there will be, without a doubt, a third transformation to our country’s historical backdrop. Along these lines, the inquiry that will shape Ethiopia’s political future is that will the TPLF/EPRDF pick fire or water? This will be replied in the administering’s activities party sooner rather than later. In conclusion, the damage that TPLF dictators cause in Ethiopia is limitless, and it is becoming worse and worse. The Ethiopian goverment is one of the top dictator in the world that cannot learn from his mistake.



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