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Ethiopia: 5 opposition groups in exile say they have formed alliance seeking change back home

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — Five Ethiopian dissident groups in exile said they have formed an alliance to bring a change of government back home, describing Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn’s government as oppressive. The new group is called the People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy, according to a joint statement issued Friday in Oslo, Norway, where … Continue reading

Ethiopia Still Thinks Digital Security is Terrorism although The Zone 9 Bloggers are Free

By Danny O’Brien (EFF) The last of the Zone 9 Bloggers are finally free from jail, after nearly 18 months of detention for simply speaking out online. All the bloggers were acquitted of terrorism charges by the Ethiopian courts; one blogger, Befeqadu Hailu was found guilty of a single charge of “inciting violence” as a … Continue reading

“ድል ለአርበኞች ግንቦት 7!” “ሞት ለወያኔ!” የሚሉ ፅሁፎች በኢትዮጵያ ከተሞች እየተሰራጩ ነው

የአርበኞች ግንቦት 7 ድምፅ “ድል ለአርበኞች ግንቦት 7!” “ሞት ለወያኔ!” የሚሉ እና ሌሎች ፅሁፎች በአርባ ምንጭ ከተማ በዋና ዋና ቦታዎች ላይ በብዛት ተለጥፈው ታዩ፡፡ ጠንከር ያለ የፀረ-ህወሓት ህዝባዊ ትግል እየተካሄደባቸው ከሚገኙት የኢትዮጵያ አካባቢዎች አንዱ የአርባ ምንጭ ከተማ መሆኑ ይታወቃል፡፡ጀግኖች የአርባ ምንጭ ወጣቶች በከተማዋ ውስጥ ተደራጅተው ከፍተኛና ያልተቋረጠ የነፃነት ተጋድሎ በማድረግ አንድነትንና ዴሞክራሲን ለማምጣት ደጋግመው የህይወት … Continue reading

Ethiopia is facing its worst drought in 30 years. Can the government stop famine this time?

By Arron Reza Merat, GlobalPost NORTH WOLLO, Ethiopia — For decades past, poor Ethiopians lived at the mercy of a royal court that neglected them and a military junta that imposed upon them a dysfunctional command economy. When the rains didn’t come, hundreds of thousands of people starved to death. Government officials say this year … Continue reading

The Impending Crisis in Ethiopia

By Courtenay Cabot Venton Become a fanInternational Development Economist Ethiopia is yet again facing a humanitarian crisis that looks set to devastate much of the country’s population. Despite impressive growth figures over the last decade, 20 million Ethiopians are still under the poverty line. El Nino related weather is causing drought, destroying any chance of … Continue reading

Rights group urges release of detained Ethiopian bloggers

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle October 7, 2015 (ADDIS ABABA) – Reporters Without Borders (RSF) on Wednesday called on the court in Ethiopia to acquit and immediately release of four members of Zone 9, an independent blogger group. Ethiopian prime minister Haile Mariam Desalegn (Photo: Getty Images) The call from the French-based press freedom group comes in … Continue reading

Ethiopia: Daughter of Andargachew Tsige wins Human Rights award

Ethiopia: Daughter of Andargachew Tsige wins Human Rights award Helawit with Menabe and Yilak and her mother, Yemi. Human rights award for Helawit, daughter of man being held on death row in Ethiopia Source: Islington Tribune by KOOS COUVÉETHE daughter of a British man held on death row in Ethiopia has been lauded with a … Continue reading

Severe drought threatens millions of Ethiopians

By Clea Broadhurst Recent figures reveal that the number of Ethiopians in need of food has risen sharply because of the lack of rain, combined with the El Nino weather phenomenon. In August, the United Nations said 4.5 million were in need – today, it is at least 7.5 million. Food insecurity is a sensitive … Continue reading

Ethiopia’s prime minister has been re-elected with 100% of the vote

With 100% of votes in parliament, Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn has been re-elected to a second term. But Hailemariam’s sweeping win isn’t so much a vote of confidence as another example of how democracy is lagging in one of Africa’s fastest growing economies. Hailemariam’s win was assured by a parliament controlled by his coalition, … Continue reading

East Africa: Experts Meet to ‘Prevent Humanitarian Catastrophe’ in Ethiopia and Kenya

Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights, is hosting two events in Milan, Italy, on October 1 and 2, in an attempt to prevent a humanitarian and environmental “catastrophe” in Ethiopia and Kenya. Representatives of tribal peoples from Kenya and Ethiopia, as well as international experts, are meeting to expose the threats to … Continue reading

Why Can’t Ethiopia Become Like Ghana?

by Alemayehu G. Mariam I will confess publicly. I envy the Ghanaians. When Barack Obama made his first trip Africa, he did not choose to go Nigeria, the country with the largest population and largest economy. He did not choose Nelson Mandela’s South Africa with the second largest economy on the continent. Obama did not … Continue reading