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Ethiopia’s Zone 9 Bloggers Honored with International Press Freedom Awards

Soleyana S. Gebremichael and Endalk Chala of Zone 9 bloggers at CPJ’s 25th International Press Freedom Awards ceremony in New York City on Tuesday, November 24th, 2015. (Photo credit: Jeffrey Phipps/Tadias)Tadias Magazine By Tadias Staff Published: Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 Ethiopia’s Zone 9 bloggers were honored with the 2015 International Press Freedom Awards on Tuesday … Continue reading

Ethiopia: Acquittal of Zone 9 Bloggers Has Not Ended Repression in Ethiopia

press release The detention of the Zone 9 bloggers in 2014 became an international cause célèbre, and the release of the last of them in October was greeted with euphoria. But the regime’s crackdown on dissent continues unabated. This statement was originally published on on 6 November 2015. By: Yoseph Badwaza, Program Officer, Africa … Continue reading

Ethiopian runner overcame trauma of torture to compete in Philadelphia

  Kelly O’Shea, PHILLY.COM  Girma Bedada is one of the estimated 30,000 runners competing in the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon on Sunday. He’ll race among the other elite athletes, and could even break the course record. But there’s more than speed that distinguishes Bedada, 35, who has survived torture and persecution in his native … Continue reading

Doctor sees work of charity in Ethiopia

Dr Lindsay Easson, an agricultural research scientist from Lisburn, has just returned from Ethiopia where he saw the work the Christian charity ‘Send a Cow’ is doing. Dr Easson, who worked at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Hillsborough, for 35 years, witnessed the charity turn round the lives of farmers in remote communities. When the … Continue reading

John Gray: World hunger is the result of politics, not production

By :John Gray We can’t know when the next famine will occur, but it will be a by-product of war and politics. If you had asked most mainstream development experts in the year 2000 to name those factors they thought would most imperil their efforts to reduce poverty globally in the new millennium, it is … Continue reading

Voice of the People Necessary to Secure Democracy

By DONALD IRONS On November 18, 2015 Although most countries around the world have been officially recognized as democracies, oppressive governments still exist, and are more dangerous than ever before. Following the Arab Spring, the Egyptian people replaced the horrible Hosni Mubarak with Mohamed Morsi, who has proven himself to be just another autocrat, ignoring … Continue reading

Ethiopia in the defense of free and independent media

By Eyasu Libenu (Part II) November 17, 2015 This article is a continuation of the previous article under the title ‘Hidden hands; the myth of ‘free and opposition’ medias.’ And as a sequel it should not require another introduction. But, I felt that my previous introduction was not complete enough for a topic and subject … Continue reading

They can jail the journalist but not journalism (By Abebe Gellaw)

By Abebe Gellaw On November 7, 2015, journalist Serkalem Fasil posted a Facebook reminder. It was her husband’s birthday. “Four years and two months have passed since we physically separated,” she wrote. “No matter how long it takes, I will persevere and will never give up hope with the help of Almighty God,’” she promised … Continue reading

Award-winning journalist Reeyot arrives in US

Reeyot Alemu, the journalist Ethiopians love and honor for her unparalleled courage and defiance that kept her in prison for over 4 years arrived at Dulles Airport on Saturday November 7 to a hero’s welcome by flag-waving friends, family members as well as admirers. First sentenced to 14 years and later reduced to 5 over … Continue reading

Will Ethiopia’s Teff Be the Next Super Grain?

By Tom Banse ( Many cultures around the world have a grain that is not grown or even known outside its home area. Quinoa is from South America. Amaranth fed the Aztecs in Central America. Now, an ancient grain from Ethiopia, teff, is appearing on grocery shelves in America. Teff has been an important part … Continue reading

Ethio-Eritrea relations

By Atalel Sahalu The Ethiopian and Eritrean governments (TPLF and EPLF respectively) have made several mistakes in their nations and Ethio-Eritrean relationship due to their dictatorship behavior. TPLF controls the press, the Internet, academic research, and justifies human rights abuses as necessary to preserve “social stability.” TPLF use the anti-terrorism law systematically for jailing frighten … Continue reading