Family of British man on death row in Ethiopia hit out at government



ITV report: The partner of a British man facing a death sentence in Ethiopia has accused the UK government of ignoring his plight.

Officials from the Foreign Office are visiting the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Wednesday. Yemi Hailemariam wants them to intervene on behalf of her partner Andy Tsege.

Despite receiving millions in UK taxes every year through aid funding, the Ethiopian government has yet to respond to calls to release him from the UK.

Andargachew Tsege has been in prison since June 2014, after he disappeared at a stopover in Yemen while flying from Dubai to Eritrea. Rajiv Popat reports.

Ethiopia has been criticised by rights groups for its brutal crackdown on political opponents, civil rights activists and members of the media.

After being kidnapped Andy was held in secret detention and in solitary confinement for more than a year, with no access to legal representation or due process.

He was paraded on Ethiopian television, and filmed apparently “confessing” to a number of crimes, in a chilling interview were the sound of screaming can be heard in the background.

The UK gives millions of pounds in aid money to Ethiopa, and it says they have raised the case with the government multiple times – but to no avail. A delegation from the Foreign Office is visiting the country this week, and the family are hoping that some progress can be made.



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