Civil Activists Role As Public Advocacy

Indeed,the role of pubic advocacy, focus group discussion and problem solving means of public agenda are being symbolical figures of civilization and modernization with in a community. In this regard,many countries are striving and devoting to set up a healthy socio-economic atmosphere.

Taking as exemplary and adopting others’ valid and sound concept,idea,practice and performance would be mandatory,viable and a farsighted perception of states & the community at large.

Nowadays,the globe is highly engaged in and seems ready to harness and devote any means of valuable resource for the sake of employing good-governance, and avoiding attitudinal backwardness and bureaucratic procedures.

Public Ombudsman and the Ethiopian Human Right Commission and others related missioners are established to safeguard the public in as watchdogs of maladministration and malpractice of the government’s entity,especially,executive bodies.

Whereas public ombudsman stands for the public interest in a manner of concern over trends of injustice and monitoring whether the executive body is being abide by constitution, rules and regulations, and in respect of policy and procedure, human right commission is encompassing and cross checking bad- governance scenario and has acted as trajectory to create individuals right awareness and protecting an inalienable rights of human beings.

Having good- governance and well-founded practices had been made a point in national consensus during previous times, the aforementioned civil activist groups are said to be working together with unified spirit and as separate entities.

By the same token,recently, a consultative discussion was jointly conducted by the Ethiopian public ombudsman and Ethiopian human right commission with public wing to look for ample and concrete resolution regarding the alarming impacts of malfunctions.

Deputy General Manger of Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahdo Church Dr. Abba Hailmariam Melese said that the couple civil activists are centerpieces of the sphere of democracy. Such consultative discussion enables the community to have an in depth understanding concerning basic and fundamental rights. Taking community leaders on board should be encouraged,fort leaders have a lot of contribution towards good- governance.

” Human right is the cornerstone and main characteristic of being human. It has universally accepted values and it is recognized by not only religious leaders and people but also by non-believers who do believe in upholding basic human rights. Having vigorous commitment is needed so as to ensure human right that is considered as an indispensable element of human survival.” Dr. Abba Hailmariam added.

 Representative of the public wing, Meuze Gerbre-Hiwot pointed out that the unified working spirit of the given activists has so far played a big role in securing promising results towards good-governance. “Of course, previously the aforesaid human right commission was not good at attracting and mobilizing the public in its day to day activities. In order to get rid of the rent seeking attitude, maladministration and curbing corruption,the active involvement of the general public is an essential and mandatory element ,” he asserted.

” As the citizen of this country, we have been fulfilling our responsibilities to safeguard the peace and security of our beloved nation by preventing terrorist machinations and acts.” he noted.

Presenting a ” meticulous ” plan, Chief commissioner of Ethiopian Human Right Commission Dr. Addisu Gebre-egzahibhar remarked that in the coming years, the commission will be industrious in solving the malpractice in governmental organizations by being effective, efficient , transparent and accountable to the core principles of good-governance. The commission is making its level best to have a number of human right forums and service provisions.



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