The regime turns the killing to Gambella

By Atalel Sahalu

These days peaceful protest and a killing response by the regime is a day to day news in Ethiopia. The protest in oromia region has been more than three months now. About 140 people were killed due to this protest where the cause was the newly planned master plan for extending the city of Addis Ababa. And this master plan implementation actually was not the only issue for the protest. It is the strategy to take away their land, which has been passed on from one generation to the next, and give it to members and supporters of the ruling party.

This is not a new phenomenon for Ethiopians to be displaced from their lands for the past several years by the ruling party. For example, the regime displaced forcefully many Ethiopians from Gambela and gave massive amount of land to its own members and supporters. This has been reported by many of international rights organizations such as Bloomberg, BBC and human rights watch http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2012-01-17/ethiopian-government-forcibly-relocates-thousands-human-rights-watch-says, http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-16590416).The real cause is politics and anti-Ethiopian agenda of TPLF. They want to stay as super power in economy, military and intelligence. To accomplish this and divert the protests against them, they are now purposely working to create ethnic conflict in Ethiopia by preaching ethnic politics in order to extend its power.

Nowadays the regime shift to Gondar, Amhara region to give away large amount of land bordering Sudan and Ethiopia. The secret is to thank Sudan as it helped them during their struggle and not to help Ethiopian opposition forces that have raised arms against the regime. However, Ethiopians both in and outside of the country are protesting widely that this should not be happened. Regarding this, a petition was signed and given to UN secretary general under the subject “Petition on the ceding of Ethiopian lands to the Sudan by the Ethiopian government” http://ecadforum.com/2015/12/16/petition-letter-to-un-secretary-general/

Now the TPLF has started its mass killing and second genocide in Gambella where massive massacre of unarmed Anuak civilians on January 2016 using similar killing style of 2003. In December 2003 the Ethiopian army has massacred over 424 Anuak people, in Gambella region, wounding further 200 and causing the disappearances of about 85 people. Now again we have seen in our eyes the crime on civilians in Gambella, Gondar, oromia and the rest of all regions of the country by TPLF regime.

Thus, we Ethiopians calls on the International community and the United States government to pressure the Ethiopian government to stop indirect and direct killing of Anuak civilians and others in different regions. Following this killings and crimes, we Ethiopians held a demonstration in front of US State Department to condemn the mass killings and arrests by the TPLF regime. The State Department spokesman John Kirby deeply concerned about the situation in Ethiopia specifically the clash between the peaceful protesters and security forces as well as the jailed journalists, political party members and leaders. The spokesman added that they will follow and call the regime to avoid doing silencing dissent, and to protect the constitutionally enshrined rights of all citizens. (http://www.zehabesha.com/state-department-briefing-on-the-situation-in-oromia-february-9-2016-video/).

On the other hand, Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia calls all Ethiopian to speak each other under a topic ”Ethiopian People-to-People Forum On Our Future” on February 14, 2016. Thus many Ethiopians including me were attended the discussion . The idea of the gathering was to discuss on how the Solidarity Movement could contribute to the resolution of the urgent issues in Ethiopia of injustice, mass protests accompanied by increasing violence, imminent famine with present food insecurity and the effect of these on the future stability of Ethiopia. The presenters strongly addresses solutions to narrow the differences between ethnicity through giving priority to humanity. In this forum people from different backgrounds came and share their experiences such as the genocide watch president, professor Gregory H. Stanton, who briefly explained about genocide and the stages of genocide. He strongly addressed that there is a sign in Ethiopia to say genocide is happened and will be happened according to the stages and processes.

Finally the Executive Director of Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia, Mr. Obang Metho, summarized the problems in Ethiopia and put forward the directions that will save our nation the country by giving a value humanity as Humanity before Ethnicity and No one is free until all are free.





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