Strange thing is happening in the middle of the ongoing Ethiopian revolution to oust TPLF led Apartheid regime. Apparently, the same ‘former’ TPLF bandits and pupates that bled our people are coming out of their hidings to offer hollow advices and perspectives on the ongoing revolution  by incriminating their former regime they left behind in what appears to claim innocent of their role.

Comedians Tsadkan Gebere Tensay, Tamerat Lyane and Juneydi SaaddoComedians Tsadkan Gebere Tensay, Tamerat Lyane and Juneydi Saaddo

In a regime where you can kill Ethiopians in the morning, attend conference in the afternoon how to kill more and gather for cocktail in the evening to relax from the stress of your crimes, you can’t blame them for feeling restless to say something…anything to avoid responsibility.  After all, what do you expect when one worked for a lawless regime and seek refuge or hide as an innocent victim of the same crime?

One can understand why ‘former’ TPLF bandits masquerading as the so called ‘Former’… want to preserve the ruling Apartheid regime that benefit them in the racketeering economy.  But, no one knows why pupates think they have anything worth telling to the people they sold out beside to claim innocence disassociation from TPLF so that they don’t have face justice they dispensed on innocent Ethiopians.

Not long ago, the TPLF bandit, the so called former ‘General – Chief of Staff Tsadkan offered advice how to preserve the TPLF regime or the benefit he got out of it.  After all, when everything he got depends on the status qua; it is human nature to preserve it. But, TPLF pupates crying wolf in the last hour makes anyone wonder what gave them the confidence to come out of their hiding for their unsolicited advice of Ethiopians for the mess they created?

It reminded me the hard-core delinquent former Puppet Minster Tamerat Layne that circled around from stanch Marxist revolutionary to an ethnic peddler, crony-capitalist and religious zealot right out of prison to come back as peacemaker of the conflict of his own making. When that is not hilarious enough,  multiple former pupates are showing up posed as former Minsters, President, and Generals… of the Apartheid regime they helped impose on the people of Ethiopia. Something is going haywire.

But, when the former so called President Juneydi Saaddo of ‘Oromo Region’ want to share his view on what is “behind the Ethiopia protest” that read more like his well-crafted defense to say he had nothing to do with it; Ethiopians must watch out for what to come out of the mindless Woyanes that won’t take responsibility from causing more havoc than they did.

Juneydi that was tossed out of power by TPLF accused of involvement with his wife’s alleged conspiracy to promote non TPLF sanctioned religion and money laundering in collaboration with Saudi diplomats in Addis Ababa, it appears he is arguing; the regime unwillingness to reform was the reason for the ongoing protest why he left in 2012 — after 23 years of serving TPLF. Never mind the rap sheet of crimes he committed against our people in the Region he was entrusted by TPLF bandits. Forget what kept him silent all these years since TPLF tossed him and his wife as useless pupate since 2012. Not to mention his alleged crime of genocide and ethnic cleansing under his belt when he was the President of Oromiya Region. I have a feeling he is going to come back again as a born again Islam-peacemaker like his comrade-puppet Tamerat Lyane.

It is becoming the norm to commit all kinds of crimes on behalf of TPLF and turn around blame it on the same regime they served well and plead innocent for being tossed out. A whole industry of propaganda Media is created to help former criminals to claim innocent.

Looking at so called Medias that provide platform for the former and present delinquents without providing the context of their crimes and their responsibility, they are becoming creative enough to fool the gullible. The irony unidentified individuals running Medias entertaining the clowns’ perspectives and advices  should alarm all Ethiopians; something is cooking to divert us from the real ongoing issue of the struggle in order to preserve the Apartheid regime in one shape and form to bleed our people forever.

Quite frankly, it says more about our contemporary elites’ indifference in general and the willing elites that won’t confront them for their crimes that allow them to escape accountability not to mention their audacity to come out of their hiding to suggest solutions.

In the real world, conspiring to hide one’s atrocities and corruption is a crime of harboring a fugitive but,  in the fantasy world former delinquents live; they fell entitled offering advice on public Medias because  no one follow up on what they did, where they are and how they got there.

As the struggle to end Apartheid dictatorship intensify; so the present and the former TPLF bandits and pupates comedy drama to save the regime that made them who they become on the bloods of the people of Ethiopia.

Ethiopians all over the world must be vigilant at least to respond in kind for their comedy dramas if we can’t go after one-and-all TPLF offenders from sustaining a regime setup to bleed us all.  There should be no more excuse for doing the right thing of ending their drama and those responsible for it.

Long live for the struggle to end Apartheid rule



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