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Without Reform Ethiopia Risks a Deepening Crisis

Nairobi, (capital fm) — Oct 3, 2016 faced with its most serious challenge yet, the Ethiopian regime, a crucial Western ally in the fight against terrorism, risks a deepening crisis if promised reforms do not come, researchers and analysts warn. Children explore the remains of a cargo truck in Sebeta, central Ethiopia on October 13, … Continue reading

EPRDF once again on the wrong side of history

by Abebaye Tegen The Ethiopian ruling party, for the first time in its quarter of a century in power, declared a state of Emergency following over a year of protest that claimed thousands of lives and a huge damage of property. Every day people are dying or jailed in connection with the civil disobedience that is … Continue reading

Concerned African Scholars On The Current Situation in Ethiopia

From Concerned African Scholars Re: The Current Situation in Ethiopia: To The AU, EU ad UN and All Governments in Africa, Asia, Latin-America, Europe and America Europe & the Permanent Members of the Security Council: We concerned African Scholars who participated in the Roundtable on Equal Partnership in Africa for Intra African Trade and Industry: … Continue reading

Legal Analysis of Ethiopia’s State of Emergency (HRW)

By Human Rights Watch Directive Codifies Vague, Overbroad Restrictions Summary On October 9, 2016, the Ethiopian government announced a country-wide six-month state of emergency. This followed a year of widespread protests against government policies that state security forces violently suppressed, killing hundreds of people and detaining tens of thousands. [1]   Protesters also committed a number of … Continue reading

Ethiopia: Unity and Working Together Only Saves You!

by Muluken Gebeyew Imagine approaching from far away galaxy, speeding towards our  solar system,  to the beautiful blue planet, Earth and pointing to the wonder of the world where  the mother of all humans, Lucy originated from. A beautiful land  with Simiens mountains, and the active volcano of  Danakil, the low land of Ogaden, and … Continue reading

Panel discussion: Ethno-centric TPLF’s dictatorial terror on Ethiopians and the great deception

by Ewnetu Sime Ethiopians residing in New York metropolitan area, human rights advocates groups and, others concerned individuals held a panel discussion on October 24, 2015 at New York Ethical Society hall in New York City. The forum was intended to critically examine the prevailing historic series of anti-government peaceful protests, inhumane government reactions and … Continue reading

Ethiopian regime to face lawsuit in the US for illegal malware

EFF: American Illegally Wiretapped at Home by Ethiopian Government Deserves His Day in Court Malware Attack Highlights Troubling Outbreak of State-Sponsored Digital Spying (EFF) Washington, D.C.—Ethiopia must be held accountable in the United States for an illegal malware and digital spying attack on an American citizen, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) told a federal appeals … Continue reading

The point of no return in Ethiopia

by Beza Tesfaye | AFRICA IS A COUNTRY Hundreds of Ethiopians have been killed by their government this year. Hundreds. You might not have known because casualty numbers have been played down; “evil forces” and accidents are blamed rather than the soldiers that fired the bullets; we are even deprived of the ability to fully grasp … Continue reading

Human Rights Watch Statement to the European Parliament

Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia: Need for Stronger EU Action October 12, 2016 EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Committee on Development Subcommittee on Human Rights Joint Debate Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia: Need for Stronger EU Action October 12, 2016 Testimony of Felix Horne, Senior Ethiopia/Eritrea Researcher, Human Rights Watch Thank you for this opportunity to speak to … Continue reading

A weekend with Ethiopians (by Yilma Bekele)

I was thinking if by any chance an alien is to visit our planet and happen to land in good old Ethiopia, I am afraid the space traveler would be disappointed with earthlings and  ‘It’ will engage Turbocharge and beat it back to where it came from in a New York minute. That is because … Continue reading

Conference on post-conflict Ethiopia underway in Washington, DC

ESAT News (October 22, 2016) A two day conference kicked off in Washington, DC on Saturday to deliberate on “transition and constitution making in post-conflict Ethiopia.” Political scientists, activists, representatives of political organizations and religious institutions as well as prominent Ethiopians would be deliberating and exchanging views on prevention, management and resolution of conflicts in … Continue reading

US issues travel advisory against Ethiopia

The United States has issued a travel advisory against Ethiopia following the ongoing unrest that has killed hundreds of people. The State Department on Friday urged Americans to defer all non-essential travels to Ethiopia due to the unrest. ”The Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency on Oct. 8 and issued a decree on Oct. … Continue reading

MEPs denounce worsening human rights situation in Ethiopia

(EU Human Rights) — Deteriorating human rights situation in Ethiopia, killings of Oromos and the country-wide six-month state of emergency declared on Sunday 9 October by the Ethiopian government were amongst the main issues raised by Human Rights subcommittee and Development committee Members in a joint meeting on Wednesday morning. MEPs expressed their concerns as … Continue reading

Social media shutdown in Ethiopia stokes fears of ‘dangerous new phase’

By ENDALK | Mail & Guardian Africa The longest mobile Internet service shutdown follows escalating protests which began in November last year, with the Oromo people calling for freedom.                    Security personnel attempt to stop protesters earlier this month in Bishoftu in           … Continue reading

Ethiopia is in a state of emergency: The tyrannical government must go

The country’s deadly protests stem from ethnic division, endemic corruption and high youth unemployment. The world must support calls for a new government by Alemante Gebre-Selassie | The Guardian The deadly protests that have rocked Ethiopia over the past several months, resulting in the declaration of a six-month state of emergency, stem from many regional … Continue reading

Germany: Merkel Should Press Rights on Africa Trip

Curbing Security Force Abuses, Ensuring Justice Crucial in Ethiopia, Mali By human rights watch (Berlin) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel should stress the urgent need for key rights reforms during her visits to Mali, Niger, andEthiopia. Between October 9 and 11, 2016, Chancellor Merkel will meet officials in each country to discuss migration to Europe, as … Continue reading