Ethiopia: Knowing a problem is the right beginning to think of a solution

by Dr. Dejenie A. Lakew (former associate professor)

In applied mathematics, we model how contagious diseases caused by pathogens, disease causing agents (virus, germs, etc) spread. The media in which these diseases spread are called contagion. The mathematical model we use to precisely describe the rates of spread of such diseases are called “logistic models” (Do not worry about these things, there will not be a test on them). The models dictate that the rate in which such diseases spread are directly depend on the interactions made between those who are infected and those who are not. These models indicate that unless the spread is completely controlled and no more person is infected, eventually the whole society will be infected with the disease as long as those who are infected and those who are not, keep interacting for all time. Imagine, what the rate of spread will be if the population is large and there is no a controlling mechanism, not to make contacts between those who are infected and those who are not.

The human society faced several such kinds of diseases that challenged our scientific knowledge and thinking capability. One such disease was small pox and the most recent one was Zika Virus. In such conditions, the first step physicians take is to immediately isolate the infected person(s) to avoid any form of contact with other healthy persons in order to control the spread of the pathogen (to quarantine the infected). Then they treat the infected person(s) until cured completely with no sign of the disease and the pathogen. In this case the danger is under control, the disease disappears and society is safe. This model works not only for diseases but for spread of information of ideas, news, false rumors etc, anything that spreads because of contacts of two or more individuals. Among such transferable ideas or information (false or true) between people is the one that harts our society which is political delusion and primitivism, practically historical ghost of distant times.

It is mind boggling to see few individuals who continuously engage in malicious and false politics of division and emotion that emanate from figments of ghosts of history, where Ethiopians do not need, did not need it yesterday and will not need tomorrow and forever. The few individuals are from our Oromo people, named Jawar Mohammed, Drs. Tsegaye Ararsa and Ezkeyel and one or two more. These very few individuals give a daily labor to Ethiopians, not to think better and see and create a vision of tomorrow and beyond to transform our society to greatness and be at par with the contemporary world. They take us back in time to a fight on events of antiquity, due to their problem of ordinary thinking and lack of minimal reasoning of modernity that put them in smallness, mindlessness, backwardness, and counting on artificial and non existent parameters of modern society, ethnicity, or simply primitivism. They created an illusion of a narrow and non expandable universe of politics to themselves and force Ethiopians to be engaged in a fight with distant past, which has no purpose today and which they have no control over, contrary to what the contemporary society does. No society raises funds and mushrooms TV stations and waste time talking about what their collective distant past was, what should have been done, and what should not have been done, why that guy did these things in 1800, and this guy did not do these things in 1700, etc. Why on earth they find people willing to give their hard earned money to such outrageously lunatic and purposeless but business like show of a Jerry Springer type of entertainment about distant past events. Every day they come up with something so nonsense and spent their time talking about something nobody had control over.

Could you imagine pieces of few planets in our solar system came out and meet somewhere in the meteorite belt discussing about events of the times on the formations of the planets, billions of years ago. The piece from Mars says, it is the fault of Earth, it rotated that way, while Mars was trying to go this way and Mercury frantically came in between and Mars changed its way faster and thrown down not to be where Earth is. A piece from Mercury on its part says, Mercury was moving this was, Venus intercepted Mercury and prevented from moving fast enough to be ahead of Earth and to occupy the place Earth occupies today. The piece from Earth tried to convince them that it was just an arbitrary natural phenomena that happened billions of years ago, which no piece or matter had no control over and lets go back to our planets. Does it really matter what these pieces discuss and whatever feelings they have on the past? Not at all. The only things these confused pieces will encounter probably are fast speeding flying meteorites smacking them and taking them out of the place they stood and burn them in space and disappear for eternity.

It is only those who do not know, want to do things which are not doable, and those who know, do things that are only doable. People tried to fly from being on top of mountains and trees not knowing the existence of gravity and crushed to death. People used to scare to travel to the farthest distance on earth because they taught earth was flat and will reach to the edge of earth and fall to the heaven. These are few of activities people tried or not tried with severe consequences, because they were not known. There are things other than bodily flying, where the modern society does not do for sociao-political reasons of modernity, social primitivism and politics of primordial feelings. The modern society simply looks at us who are fighting on a daily basis (there is only one country which is engaged in such politics of primitivism-Ethiopia, due to the delusional Oromo brothers) and feel sorry for us. How could a society fight over a ghost of distant history which is a delusion and in most part a lie for deception? Why we Ethiopians out there en mass to fight these few individuals who suffer from delusion of thinking, unable to escape the ghosts of distant past that was even false on their accounts, in a daily basis as if we have no capacity to think higher, envision far beyond and live with the modern society in the modern world?

We know from among the several hundred thousands of viruses that exist, only few are harmful and dangerous. There are about 30 million sane and Ethiopian loving Oromo Ethiopians who love, intermarried and live with several kinds of Ethiopians for centuries, but the primitivisim pathogen carriers are handful, very few. Let us treat these few delusional individuals as infected of the political pathogens, pathogens of backwardness, inability to come out of a primordial state of mind and primitivism (which in most part is reflected in those who study history, political science or social science and who somehow contracted delusional feelings of being victims of the past, where their studies only strengthen and give dip fortitude to their emotions and delusions, not to what they ought to develop to think and reason of a higher order to empower their thinking capabilities, contrary to those who study science and mathematical nature) and want to take the ghosts of history to a court where there is none and they want Ethiopians to go with them. The medias that give them platforms to spread their diseases are OMN, ESAT, SBN (from Australia), VOAR, VOA (with its duplicates of voices) and intermittent small group discussions displayed on face book.

Here are the things we all have to do, using the mathematical model I mentioned above to ultimately eliminate their useless impacts on our society

[1] Eliminate the spread of these political pathogens, by reducing and ultimately eliminating the contacts to be made between those who are not infected and those who are carriers of the political pathogens, by quarantining the infected patients. Quarantining means, not inviting them in any media that is funded by working Ethiopians who live in the modern world (ESAT, OMN, SBN, VOAR, VOA- any duplicate of it) or individual persons who have their own TV or radio that are rational enough to know who these people are , what they are suffering from and what they have to our contemporary society.

[2] Invite the right voices, voices of the millions of good, sane Ethiopian Oromos to these media and cure the infected and clean the air spoiled by the pathogens of delusions of primitivism and backwardness.

To know a problem and do the right things make us avoid things we should not do.



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