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TPLF’s Strategy of Divide-and-Rule has Exhausted its Steam and Utility

by Nahome Freda After twenty-five years of insidious and systemic usurpation, the TPLF, ruling in the name of the people of Tigray, has managed to bring the country’s politics and economy under its total control. It employed the age-old divide-and-rule technique and pitched one ethnic group against another while it tightened its grip on power … Continue reading

Strange thing is happening in the middle of the ongoing Ethiopian revolution to oust TPLF led Apartheid regime. Apparently, the same ‘former’ TPLF bandits and pupates that bled our people are coming out of their hidings to offer hollow advices and perspectives on the ongoing revolution  by incriminating their former regime they left behind in … Continue reading

Ethiopian ‘apology over textbook blunders’

(BBC)— Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education has apologised for mistakes in school textbooks, state-owned television has reported. The sixth grade English language textbook wrongly placed Ethiopia’s highest mountain, Ras Dashen, in Tigray Regional State instead of the Amhara Regional State, it quotes an unidentified ministry official as saying. The official added that a map in a … Continue reading

Ethiopian-Israelis seek US intervention against Ethiopian government

(The Jerusalem Post)— Around one hundred Israelis of Ethiopian decent gathered in front of the US embassy on Monday in hopes of urging the US government to stop supporting the Ethiopian government, which they contend is oppressive and anti-democratic. “The United States must condemn the murders of Ethiopian citizens,” protestor Endalamaw Hailei told the Post, … Continue reading

Ethiopia: The Time for Change is Now!

by Elizabeth Fraser | Oakland Institute Last weekend on the eve of two large celebrations in Ethiopia—the Ethiopian New Year and the beginning of Eid al-Adha festivities—the Ethiopian authorities pardoned approximately 1,000 people, 135 of whom had been charged under the country’s draconian Anti-Terrorism Proclamation. Amongst those released were leaders of the Ethiopian Muslim community, who … Continue reading

Carnage Will Not Hold the Fire Down: Oromo Democratic Front and Patriotic Ginbot 7

Oromo Democratic Front and Patriotic Ginbot 7 Joint Statement on the Current Political Crisis in Ethiopia September 20, 2016 The Oromo Democratic Front and Patriotic Ginbot 7 condemn in the strongest terms possible the mass killings, detention and torture of peaceful protesters by the TPLF ruling clique’s security forces in the Oromo and Amhara regions in … Continue reading

Ethiopia’s ruling party calls its malady by many names, but what exactly is ailing EPRDF?

by Hassen Hussein* (First published on At the conclusion of weeks of marathon senior leadership meetings, many Horn watchers expected Ethiopia’s ruling party, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), to come up with a clear way out of swelling protests engulfing two of the country’s largest regional states, Oromia and Amhara, home to … Continue reading


There are reports of medical torture in NAZI TPLF concentration camps to Amhara people. Birsheleko Victims are reportedly being enforced to take drugs with out any professional medical expertise for corporal punishment. Please those Amhara physicians, pharmacists, health officers ,nurses and related professionals working especially in Finoteselam , Motta, Burea,Enjibara hospitals and health centers be … Continue reading

Olympian Feyisa Lilesa: From Rio to America, I will keep fighting Ethiopia’s oppression

by Feyisa Lilesa | The Washington Post Feyisa Lilesa is an Ethiopian Olympian and winner of a silver medal in the men’s marathon at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. On Aug. 21, when I reached the finish line of the men’s marathon at the Olympics in Rio, I crossed my fists above my … Continue reading

Coalition of NGO, Diaspora Groups Support Ethiopia Human Rights Resolution

Freedom House Washington — The undersigned civil society organizations applaud U.S. Representatives Chris Smith, Keith Ellison and Mike Coffman for introducing House Resolution 861, entitled “Supporting human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia.” H.Res.861, introduced today as companion legislation to S.Res.432, addresses the ongoing human rights abuses and political instability in Ethiopia. It condemns … Continue reading

Ethiopians spend New Year’s Day mourning, praying

By Engidu Woldie The smell of yellow daisies and freshly cut grass accompanied by songs of best wishes by a choir of girls going door to door would normally be the ubiquitous phenomenon on this day, Meskerem 1, 2009 (Ethiopian Calendar), as Ethiopians usher in the New Year. Ethiopians use an ancient Orthodox calendar, separate … Continue reading

No joy in Ethiopia region even as New Year fete approaches

Only police officers in the towns of Oromia region as people have deserted roads for stay home and boycott campaign. (AFP) ADDIS ABABA — As Ethiopians prepare to celebrate their New Year and the Muslim feast of Sacrifice, shops in the town of Burayu are shuttered and streets strangely empty amid fresh anti-government protests. With … Continue reading

Ethiopian Paralympic athlete Tamiru Demisse in new finishing line protest against oppressive regime

1500m runner echoes protest of fellow countryman Feyisa Lilesa, who has now fled to the US – See more at Ethiopian Paralympic athlete Tamiru Demisse (INDEPENDENT)— A runner has become the latest Ethiopian athlete to stage a political protest in Rio, after he crossed the finish line in a 1500m event at the Paralympics. Tamiru Demisse, … Continue reading

Ethiopia’s political protests are escalating with a fire at a major prison

(QUARTZ)— Tensions in Ethiopia escalated over the weekend when 23 people were killed after a fire erupted at the Qilinto prison in the outskirts of the capital, Addis Ababa. The jail reportedly holds high political prisoners, some of them from the Oromo community, who have been protesting against the government for almost a year now. Citing … Continue reading

Foreign pressure builds on Ethiopia

The international community and the region are growing increasingly concerned about the continuing deadly protests by Ethiopians against their government. The African Union Commission (AUC), which is based in Addis Ababa and is usually silent about Ethiopian affairs, has now joined other countries and organisations to express “great concern”. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, outgoing AUC Chairperson, said … Continue reading

Addressing the escalating human rights crisis in Ethiopia (HRW)

Geneva, 8 September 2016 To Permanent Representatives of Members and Observer States of the UN Human Rights Council RE: Addressing the escalating human rights crisis in Ethiopia Your Excellency, The undersigned civil society organisations write to draw your attention to grave violations of human rights in Ethiopia, including the recent crackdown on largely peaceful protests … Continue reading